Municipal Court

How to Resolve a Citation

The Municipal Court has prepared options to resolve your citation. Depending on the circumstances and type of citation received, some options may not be available.

Processing Fees

There will be a 3% processing fee per transaction when paying by credit card.

Entering a Plea

The following are authorized pleas.

Not Guilty

When you enter this plea, you are stating to the court that you believe you are innocent of the charge and you wish to have your case placed on the trial docket. You will have a jury trial scheduled unless you waive that right and request a trial before the judge.


Entering this plea means that you are admitting to the offense as charged. You will be required to pay the applicable fine plus all court costs.

No lo Contendere (or No Contest)

This plea means that you are not contesting the offense. You are not admitting that you committed the offense nor are you denying it either. However, you understand that you will still be responsible for paying the applicable fine plus all court costs. A "no contest" plea may not be used at a subsequent civil trial as evidence of guilt.