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Welcome to the City of Whitehouse, TX

Welcome to the City of Whitehouse. We hope you will find this site helpful as you plan your move to Whitehouse. We are a rapidly growing East Texas community featuring superior city services, excellent school and numerous recreational opportunities nearby. Whitehouse is a community with small town charm and an eye on the future. We hope that you will make Whitehouse, “your hometown.”

New Trash Service Guidelines Effective August 1, 2018

New Trash Service Guidelines Effective August 1, 2018 

Republic Services and the City of Whitehouse make every possible attempt to provide residents with safe, clean and sanitary trash pickup.   There have been instances in the past where overloaded residential carts have had trash and debris fall out during and before pick up, this results in both an unsanitary condition for our neighborhoods as well as a safety concern for the driver that has to pick up the fallen debris by hand.  Effective August 1, 2018 Republic Services will only pick up trash containers that have all the contents located within the cart with the lid closed.    Any contents located outside the container will not be picked up and any carts with the lids propped open due to excessive trash may not be serviced.  Republic Services and the City of Whitehouse have provisions within the contract that allow residents additional carts at a cost of $3/month.    If you have any questions or to request additional carts, please contact the City of Whitehouse at 903-839-4914 option # 1.

In addition, bulk trash pick up will move from the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month to the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month.  To request bulk pick up please contact Republic Services at 903-586-1449.

Please remember to have all pick up items (cart(s) or bulk trash) out on the collection day by 7:00 a.m.

Residential Collection Schedule:

Trash collection is weekly on your zone's designated day.  Check the map below to find your zone.

Commercial Collection Schedule:

  • Trash collection is weekly on your zone's designated day.  Check the map below to find your zone.

 Recycling collection Schedule:

  • Weekly on Wednesday

Map - New Trash Service Guidelines Effective August 1.pdf

Current Poll - We Want Your Feedback

The City has begun using a polling service to help gather information from our residents to help us better serve you.  We want to be a community built on feedback.  

The current poll addresses the possible implementation of a water customer portal.  Water Smart is a customer portal that allows the end user to manage their household water usage more efficiently by providing real time water usage data. The customer can receive reports about their usage and set alerts to forecast their bill.  Customers can also see how their usage compares to other similar homes, get tips on way to reduce water usage and see when irregular usage occurs.

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Proposed Budget Document FY 2018-2019

Proposed Budget Document 2018-2019.pdf

Click here to ask questions about the proposed budget. All questions and answers will be shared with the public here.

Budget Document FY 2017-2018

Budget Document FY 2017-2018.pdf

Street and Drainage Improvements

Work should soon begin on the first of the drainage projects, Phase 1A.  Below is an estimated construction timeline.

  • Gardenview Park: work will begin mid-July and take approximately 2 weeks to complete
  • Hillcrest St.: work will begin mid-July and take approximately 2 weeks to complete
  • Brittan Court: work will begin mid-August and take approximately 8-12 weeks to complete
  • Partridge Lane: work will begin Fall 2018 and will take approximately 1 week to complete

Street repairs should begin mid to late July and be completed Fall 2018.  Dews Dr. is currently being surveyed and it is anticipated that work will begin Fall 2018.

Other drainage projects such as Waterton, The Willows and Rosebrook will be bid out in the Fall 2018 with construction anticipated to start late Winter 2018 – Spring 2019.

We understand that this will cause a temporary inconvenience for some of our residents and we encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns. We will do our best to make the process go as smooth as possible for you and your family. We know that the end result will greatly improve Whitehouse!

For more information please email Jeff Tomlin, Public Works Director, or call him at (903) 839-4914 Ext. *232

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