Property Tax Information

Texas law requires a number of public notices to inform taxpayers about local property taxes. Links to all required notices are provided below. If the link is not working, it will be updated as the forms/information become available.

For 2024, the City Council has directed Staff to prepare a budget that lowers the 2023 tax rate. The City Council controls the rate charged for property taxes, but does not control the appraised value of properties. For 2023, approximately $42 million in new construction was added to the tax rolls and values increased. Even with the Council's efforts to lower the tax rate, Texas law requires that we notice as though there will be a tax increase, because we will receive more property tax revenue. If you have specific questions, please contact the City Manager.

Data Information

Members of the Governing Body, including the mailing address, email address, and telephone number.

Prior & Current Budgets & Audits

Total Approved Budget 2022-2023Total Proposed Budget 2023-2024 $ Change% Change

YearMaintenance & Operations (M&O) RateDebt Service (I&S) RateTotal Tax Rate
2020 $0.320408$0.472483$0.792891
2023 - proposed$0.435626$0.282229$0.717855

2023 Tax Forms and Notices

Form 50-875 - Notice of Public Hearing on Tax Increase

Form 50-212 - Notice About 2023 Taxes

Form 50-856 - 2023 Tax Rate Calculation Worksheet