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External Utility Issue

  1. External Utility Service
    The City of Whitehouse provides many services to those living in our community. While we do not provide gas, cable, internet, or electricity, we understand that our citizens may have trouble getting a response from some utility providers. In an effort to help resolve issues, we are providing this form so that we can capture the needed information to pass along to our contacts. Please note that in many cases, we have partners that are willing to help us resolve these issues, but our influence and ability to force a provider to resolve an issue is limited. This service is provided as a courtesy and we will always do what we can to help. In some cases, providers may not be able or willing to provide us specific account information.
  2. Please give the provider a reasonable amount of time to resolve the issue.
  3. Please provide any identifying information that we can use when communicating with the provider.
  4. Please provide as much information as possible.
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