Why do we need this special election?

This election is needed for two reasons.

  1. The City wants to change how the sales tax is reported to the State to be more transparent. Whitehouse taxpayers pay a ½ cent sales tax, which means that ½ cent of the 8.25 cents we all pay in sales taxes goes to help fund the City’s operations. When this ½ cent sales tax was created, it was categorized and reported to the state in a way that makes each dollar count for both sales taxes and property taxes. State regulations from Austin examine how much a city collects in property taxes and impose restrictions based on the amount collected and the population of the city. These regulations don’t consider cities, like Whitehouse, that categorize sales taxes as property taxes. This limits the city’s ability to take care of the needs of the citizens. Proposition A will allow the city to avoid burdensome regulations by simply reporting our current processes more transparently.

  2. This initiative will direct more existing funds to economic development. In 2018, Whitehouse voted to allocate ¼ of the ½ cent sales tax to fund economic development. However, no change was made to how the remaining ¾ of this ½ cent was categorized. Prop A will result in half of the ½ cent continuing to go into the City’s general fund, just as it has since it was established, only now it won't also be counted as property taxes. The other half of the ½ cent will go towards economic development.

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1. Why do we need this special election?
2. What will Proposition A accomplish?
3. What is a sales tax reallocation?
4. How will this sales tax reallocation, Proposition A, affect my tax rate?
5. How will this affect local businesses?
6. What is the ‘4B corporation’ referring to?
7. What is 'general revenue'?
8. How does Proposition A benefit the City?
9. How does this proposition passing affect the impact of government regulations coming out of Austin?
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