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Don't Mess with Texas Trash-Off

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Trash-Off 2023

Keep Whitehouse Beautiful is a 501c3 nonprofit group affiliated with Keep Texas Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful.  We are a grass roots, all volunteer organization that began with a recycling project in our schools in 1989.  We are dedicated to educating individuals to take responsibility for their community environment.  We strive to make Whitehouse a more beautiful place to live and work.  We accomplish this mission in multiple ways.  Projects range from large capital projects for sidewalks and parks to numerous landscape beautifications.  Public awareness and education programs include our annual roadway litter pick up, aka “Don’t Mess with Texas Trash Off”, Yard of the Month, and numerous programs in our schools.Paypal Donation Button Opens in new windowKeep Whitehouse Beautiful is:

  • A family that puts out one bag of trash each week because they recycle
  • A citizen who picks up litter while going for a walk
  • A group or church that adopts a section of highway
  • Teenagers who volunteer for community clean-up
  • A preschooler who sees litter in a parking lot and has to pick it up
  • A sixth grader who brings her lunch in a reusable container
  • A driver who keeps his litter in the vehicle, including cigarette butts, and disposes of it properly
  • A homeowner who uses a mulching mower and does not bag grass
  • A business that picks up litter around the premises and recycles in the workplace
  • A shopper who buys items made with recycled products
  • Teachers who teach students the importance of taking care of the environment

We are involved in many projects including:

The Don’t Mess with Texas Trash-Off
Adopt A Highway
Whitehouse Campus Beautification Grants
Educational & Community Programming and much more!

Keep Whitehouse Beautiful is a lot of fun!  We have projects and committees for a diverse range of skills and interests.  Check us out!

Keep Whitehouse Beautiful meets once a month.  If you would like to attend one of our meetings, please send an email to KWB and we’ll send you the date, time and location of our next meeting!