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Welcome to the City of Whitehouse, TX

Welcome to the City of Whitehouse. We hope you will find this site helpful as you plan your move to Whitehouse. We are a rapidly growing East Texas community featuring superior city services, excellent school and numerous recreational opportunities nearby. Whitehouse is a community with small town charm and an eye on the future. We hope that you will make Whitehouse, “your home town.”


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Proposed Annexation 2017

Annexation 2017 Information.pdf

Whitehouse Sports Complex Baseball/Softball Survey

The purpose of this survey is to gather information, so that we can better understand the needs and opinions of our residents and visitors. With this survey we are hoping to gather information that can make our Sports Complex as well as our baseball and softball programs better. We want to be a community built on feedback!

Please direct any questions to the city manager’s office at: (903) 839-4914 Ext*225 or Email.     

The survey may be filled out online and the survey is also available at City Hall or at the concession stand at the Sports Complex while staffed.

Please click the following link for the online survey: Survey Link

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